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R&S Erection of Southern Alameda County, Inc. also offers economical rolling curtain doors, mullions, and header panels for self-storage applications.

Whether it new construction or replacement R&S is able to meet the need for secure, effective, space saving closures while providing outstanding economy and value. Color options are available. Contact us today to have a free on-site evaluation of your rolling curtain doors.


Mini-Storage Roll-Up Doors Feature:

  • Quick-Connect bracket assembly for fast installation.

  • Slide lock is bolt mounted for dual padlock capacity for security.

  • Available in custom sizes and colors.

  • Hot dipped galvanized steel with high temperature baked enamel finish.

DCBI Color Chart
DBCI is one of the top manufacturers of steel curtain roll-up doors and components for the self-storage and commercial door markets. Multiple options are available to suit your rolling curtain door needs.
Mini Door Series 650

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General Description

  • The 650 is the premium door for easy operation and maintenance

  • The door features shielded steel radial bearings on both support brackets

  • The DBCi tension bracket allows you to easily, quickly, and safely adjust tension on your door

  • With unlimited tensioning positions, the 650 door can be adjusted to just the right amount of tension and avoid costly service calls

  • Rain lip note: For proper exterior door installation, a 11/2″ deep rain lip must be formed in the concrete slab, extending a minimum of 31/2″ from the interior face of the jamb.


  • 26-gauge grade E hard steel, 5/8″ deep ribbed corrugation

  • 20 standard colors – special colors upon request

  • Wash coat over primer interior side

  • The Weather X system is recognized for its remarkable color and gloss retention as well as its superior chalk resistance

  • The Weather X system allows the product to endure the physical abuses of fabrication, transit and construction while minimizing cracking

  • 25-year film integrity warranty – up to 25-year chalk and fade

  • Stainless steel latch. 2 padlock style, cylinder style, or with the new cast zinc Apex latch. All latches accept double locks and 7/16″ shackles.

Bottom Bar

  • 6063-T6 aluminum extrusion

  • 1 1/2 ” x 11/2″ x 11-gauge galvanized angles to provide structural stability, security, and increase windloads

  • Bulb astragal – replaceable vinyl weather seal

Axle Assembly

  • 1 5/16″ O.D. steel axle 14-gauge

  • Oil tempered torsion springs

  • 18-gauge 9.5″ drums

  • Fully accessible springs for inspection


  • 18-gauge galvanized steel guides

  • Pre-punched holes for anchors, slide latch, and bracket attachment

  • Polyethylene guide strips provide easy, quiet operation

  • Pre-punched holes for head stop attachment


  • 12-gauge head stops have slotted mounting holes for proper attachment

  • 14-gauge galvanized steel handles

  • 12-gauge tension bracket is coined for additional strength. Shielded radial

  • bearings for smooth operation. Worm gear adjusting design allows unlimited adjusting positions.

  • 12-gauge bearing bracket left side


  • Insulation (Series 651)

  • Windload (Series 700)

  • Top and side draft stop

  • Comes standard with our new easy-to-use tension bracket

Light Duty Commercial Series 2000

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General Description

  • Designed for frequent usage requirements

  • Light duty applications for frequent usage including warehouse, freight terminal and industrial warehouse

  • Utilizes 12″ drums

  • Limited maximum size of 12′ x 18′


  • 26-gauge galvanized

  • Grade E hard steel

  • Deep ribbed corrugation

  • 20 standard colors – special colors upon request with upcharge

  • Siliconized polyester Weather X paint over prime coat

  • Wash coat over primer interior side

  • 25-year film integrity warranty – up to 20-year chalk and fade

  • Improved flexible wear strips

  • 4″ of curtain add

Bottom Bar

  • 6063-T6 aluminum extrusion

  • 2″ x 11/2″ galvanized angles

  • Bulb astrigal

  • Stainless steel nuts and bolts

Axle/Torque Tube

  • 1 5/16″ O.D. steel axle, 14-gauge

  • Oil tempered torsion springs

  • 16-gauge drums 12″ diameter galvanized

  • Steel ball bearings

  • Full top sheet 26-gauge galvanized


  • 14-gauge galvanized

  • Polyethylene wear strip

  • Bolt on head stop 1/4″ plate steel

  • 15/8″ deep engagement

  • Pre punched for lock and attachment screws


  • 13-gauge saddle clamps

  • 10-gauge slide locks 2 per door

  • 16-gauge step plate 2 per door

  • 1/4″ steel welded angle T-bracket


  • Insulation Series 2250

  • Chain hoist 4:1 reduction

  • Vision panels (17″ x 5″)

  • Top draft stop

  • Hood

  • Steel mounting plates

  • Electric operator

Frame and Panel Systems

Roll-Up Frames

The roll-up frame is a non-load bearing interior hallway jamb for attaching DBCi roll-up doors. The strong, flush 20-gauge frame is used in both corrugated and flush hallway systems and is available in glossy white or Galvalume. Includes base plates, back plates and top channel.

  • 20-gauge

  • Siliconized polyester Weather X paint finish

  • Press break construction for variable sizes

  • 20-gauge back plate for mounting header/filler panel and roll up door bracket

  • 20-gauge base plate that mounts roll-up frame to floor

  • #8 x 1/2″ glossy white self drilling screws

Flush Header Panel

The flush header panel attractively closes the gap between the top of the roll up door and the top of the hallway system. The flush header panel with roll up frames creates a clean flush hallway. The flush glossy white header panel reflects light that provides a brighter interior.

  • For interior hallway systems

  • Single piece construction

  • 20-gauge

  • Siliconized polyester Weather X glossy white paint finish

  • #8 x 1/2″ white self drilling screws

Filler Panel

Filler panels are an economical way to close the gap between the top of the opening and the roof. Filler panels are used in interior and exterior applications. The painted 26-gauge panels match the corrugation of the door. Panels are framed in at the sides, top and bottom with matching support channels and angles can be manufactured to match the color of the rollup door or contrasting color.

  • 26-gauge panel, support channel, and angles

  • 20 standard colors in siliconized polyester Weather X paint

  • For interior and exterior use

  • #8 x 1/2″ self drilling screws available in similar colors

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